Nike Roshe Run

The Nike Free collection has always been interesting in design and concept.  The Roshe Run really raised my eyebrow though.  I’m not crazy about running shoes because I don’t run, so I don’t really give a crap about performance.  They generally tend to have too much going on, and they’re really expensive.  The Roshe Run addresses both of these problems handily.

First, it’s not that pricey.  At $70, a running shoe by Nike is reasonable.  Second, the simplicity.  I love the minimalist design.  It just relies on the shape of the shoe to convey the sophistication and craftsmanship.  Check out this article/interview with Dylan Raasch, the designer, on how he was inspired by Zen aesthetics.

I’ve also fact checked the materials with Nike, these are in fact vegan.  No hidden animal stuff here.  Say what you will about Nike, they are the only major brand experimenting with synthetic materials and using them effectively (in my opinion).

Although I’ve used the pictures from Premier, unfortunately you can’t get them there. Men’s available at Zappos in black, red, and black/yellow sole.  Women’s available at Zappos in black, purple, grey, and light blue.

2 thoughts on “Nike Roshe Run”

  1. Ok here you’re saying they’re vegan but on other post Nike isnt vegan. I want these shoes so bad but is the glue vegan or not :(?

  2. Hi Maya,

    Unfortunately, Nike cannot verify that their glue is animal free. This feature on the Roshe Run was done before we got additional information – please go by the newer Nike posts (indicating not to buy them if you are concerned about the source of glue).

    Thanks and please keep reading and commenting!


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