Nike SB Janoski Canvas Mid Black/Red

This Nike SB Janoski Canvas Mid in red and black was spotted recently, but unfortunately this won’t be a wide release.  This will be in store only at a few select retailers.  Fortunately, my buddy Karam was able to get one of these already at Blue Tile Lounge and there was no sign of any leather on the inside.  So grab these while you can!

Source: N-SB.


7 thoughts on “Nike SB Janoski Canvas Mid Black/Red”

  1. Not sure, does anyone know the answer to this? It should be synthetic but I’d like to confirm as well.

  2. Not sure if that’s right, how did you come to that conclusion? I did not ever get confirmation from Nike but someone bought a pair and said there was no sign of leather.

  3. Stockists list it as leather. Looks like leather to me, and if it wasn’t leather surely someone would report it as such?

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