Puma Re-Suede

I haven’t given Puma much love on this site but I had to give them a shout out here.  The Puma Re-Suede is a reissue of their classic 1968 Suede that is not for everyone but has lasted the test of time.  Now, Puma is not the first company to use eco-friendly manufacturing but I have to give them a little extra credit for their thoughtful planning from soup to nuts.

Every aspect of the shoes has been designed with environmental impact in mind including the upper, sockliner, laces and sublining which are all made from 100% recycled materials.  The synthetic ultra suede is comprised of 100% recycled polyester fibers, produced by a chemical recycling process that reduces both the energy consumption and the CO2 emission by 80% compared to the production of virgin materials. The recycled polyester is scrap waste from manufacturing processes that is repurposed to create the synthetic material.

The outsole is made from Double R Rice Rubber, which replaces a portion of the rubber content with a rice husk filler, a natural bi-product of the food industry, reducing the amount of overall rubber needed saving considerable fossil fuel energy in manufacturing and agricultural resources, making it PUMA’s most sustainable shoe yet.

Puma even factored in the weight of the shoe: at 140g/5.2oz less than the original, the fossil fuels needed to transport them is even less.  Lastly, it’s being sold in the “Clever Little Bag,” a sustainable package in lieu of the shoe box.

These haven’t been released yet, but keep your eye out for them soon.

Sources: Ecouterre, Puma, Nice Kicks.

13 thoughts on “Puma Re-Suede”

  1. size.co.uk seems to think these have leather inners. i wonder if there’s a way to confirm this?

  2. puma’s remind me of early nineties skateboarding. Great kicks. I don’t however miss the size 800 jeans, pressure flips and 2mm wheels.

  3. hope they have great colorways. between the samba’s and these, we can have that classic look vegan style finally

  4. i think that Size?’s description is that of the ‘suede’ sneaker, not the ‘re-suede’, as i’ve noticed that it states the whole shoe is leather / suede, which is obviously nonsense…

  5. Is it just me or is the shape/profile of the toe area a little off compared to ‘proper’ versions of this shoe? It looks normal in the pictures featured here but if you look elswhere online the shape just ain’t quite right.

    Also, Size? are now knocking these out for £35 – almost half off the recommended RRP here in the UK.

  6. I honestly can’t find these anywhere 🙁 I live in Canberra, Australia, if you know an Australian store that sells these, please let me know 🙂

  7. Hi Steff, will do. I’m not really familiar with shops in Australia but if I find anything I’ll let you know.

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