Asics Onitsuka Tiger Vegan List 2012

Updated list of Asics Onitsuka Tiger vegan colorways for 2012!!!  Thanks Dayo for sharing this info with us.

Check out what is available at Zappos: Ultimate 81, Mexico 66 Slip-On, Mexico 66, Teikyu OG CV.

The Rotation 77 is available at Amazon.

I couldn’t find the Sakurada state side, but the Blue/white Sakurada is available at Weare in Austria.

This list is meant as a reference and obviously I didn’t look up where to get every single shoe.  If you can find it, please post links in the comment section.  Your help is greatly appreciated by me and other readers.  Thanks!

12 thoughts on “Asics Onitsuka Tiger Vegan List 2012”

  1. Oh man I’d really really love to believe that any of the Mexico 66 colorways (slip on or laced) are vegan but they all look like they have leather/suede on the toebox area. Can anyone confirm if this is the case?

    The Asics/Onitsuka customer service dept is pretty awful at knowing what materials go into their shoes in my experience. Basically any shoe that is predomiantly canvas with some leather seems to be always listed as ‘canvas upper’ when that’s clearly not the case. Meh.

  2. Hey Jim, I understand your concern. The problem may be that you’re not finding the colorways on the above list. I just looked at Zappos for example, and they have 9 different colors for the Mexico 66. They don’t seem to be selling any of the vegan models. So it may just be a matter of exclusivity. Anyone else who can comment on this please do. Thanks!

  3. I’ve actually owned the sneakers in that link and they don’t contain suede. It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but I ordered three pairs from that list that looked like they might contain leather or suede and the inner tag, in all three cases, read “Synthetic Fiber/Synthetic Leather.”

    I say take the chance by ordering through Amazon. If they’re not vegan, send them back and enter the grievance. Amazon customer service is really great about that sort of thing.

  4. Thanks for the help Dayo. Yes, it is very difficult to tell by looking at them what they’re made of. They look exactly like suede. It’s almost indistinguishable from the leather ones. Well I’m glad you actually have them and it says the material on the tag, so you know it’s for real. Thanks again for the comment!

  5. Hello, bought a pair of Sakuradas since they were listed on websites & in the shoe as synthetic fiber & synthetic leather The toe box seems to be that synthetic felt material you get on some of the Ultimate 81s, however the shoe has a smell of leather on the white parts.. Is it possible that the white part above the heel & lines down the side are real leather ? Not much I can do now, but would be good to know for the future…Thank you

  6. hey there, I know this posting is older, but i’ll try nevertheless: has anyone ever checked if they’re using vegan glues? or are you just talking about upper materials when referring to ‘vegan’? thank you, jack…

  7. Hi Jack, we checked with them re: glues, the ones listed are fully vegan. Thanks for asking.

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