Habitat Guru Hi Mocha/Tan

Here is yet another shoe for all you skate rats out there.  Yes I will switch it up soon but for now you will have to settle for the Habitat Guru Hi in mocha tan.  It’s not setting the world on fire like a certain release this week (ugh, by the way… just, ugh).  But it has a little to set it apart, chiefly the fold down ankle.  Otherwise it is your standard skate shoe with vulcanized sole and waxed canvas upper.  Hey at least we know from the source that it’s legit vegan (see the symbol?  Yeah, that’s what I thought).  Note that the other colorway is made of cowsuede.

Available at Zappos (on sale now!)


2 thoughts on “Habitat Guru Hi Mocha/Tan”

  1. Kay, that was pointed out to me as well. Very strange. I will hit them up and see what the deal is. Thanks for the comment!

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