Vans LP Slip On

Fans of the Classic Slip On might appreciate this new alteration; the Vans LP Slip On is different in that it has a slimmed down silhouette and sole.  It also features some new details, such as the piping around the stitching, and striped elastic.  Overall it’s the same but it’s a nice update of the classic and keeping up with the trend of slimmed down shoes.  It’s probably a great thing for people with narrow and/or flat feet too.  But I’m still glad that Vans opted not to replace their classic.  I’m liking this, what does everyone else think?

Available in a variety of solid colors at Zappos.  More pictures after the jump!

2 thoughts on “Vans LP Slip On”

  1. Gosh i really hate to burst peoples bubbles over and over agian, but Vans are not Vegan! they use animal glue.

  2. ^ I don’t buy Vans anyway because I’m not a hipster a**hole but I’m pretty sure you’re worng.

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