Feathers Stentorian Oxford (updated)

I believe that these were a pretty big hit when I posted these and I found out they’re still being offered, and in several different colorways.  Like I said previously, the Feathers Stentorian Oxford is vegan – woven cotton uppers, corded laces, (non-leather) cushioned footbed, and slim resin sole with low heel.

Now available at urban outfitters in brown, light grey, khaki, and charcoal.  More pics after the jump!


3 thoughts on “Feathers Stentorian Oxford (updated)”

  1. I bought these shoes from urbanoutfitters. They are beautiful and affordable and comfortable enough.

    That said. They are completely garbage. I work as a professor. I don’t walk a ton. I don’t ride my bike in them. They completely fell apart in about 3 weeks. Not worth it. Save up money, and buy higher end vegan shoes, because the cheap ones are utter garbage.

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