Brave Gentleman x Novacas Expert

Behold the Expert, a two-tone summer saddle shoe collaboration between Brave Gentleman and Novacas.  If you’re a guy and you’re a vegan, you probably are in the know about both companies.  Brave Gentleman sprung up out of the awesome blog The Discerning Brute, and it was only natural Josh Katcher would turn his talents to making some really great vegan products for us guys.  Novacas has been around for quite a bit, being one of the few full on vegan shoe companies that actually makes stylish mens shoes.

Fortunately for us this collaboration just makes for an amazing result.  The Expert is a sweet sweet summer shoe that can be rocked with a less formal warm weather suit (seersucker?) or just go totally casual – no socks style.  Like all Novacas, the Expert is made in Portugal under fair labor conditions.  As for the material that oh so nicely replicates that buttery leather, that my friends is fine Italian microfiber.  FINE.  What, you thought you were paying $199 for some Payless type stuff?

If you want to look good this summer, cop yourselves a pair.  I know summer is almost over, it doesn’t matter.  There’s still time!

Available at Brave Gentleman and Moo Shoes.

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