Vans LXVI Collection Vegan Models

Vans has successfully expanded on its brand of classics with the successes of Vans OTW and California.  But none of those arguably depart more, visually and technologically, than the Vans LXVI (pronounced Vans 66).  Here we see them implementing newer methods of manufacturing to create something futuristic and more performance oriented.  Fortunately for us as well, this means a lot of synthetic materials.  The following shoes listed below have been confirmed by Vans to be vegan.  Enjoy!

Vans LXVI Graph, which borrows some design notes from the Era , is their lightest shoe to date, and is made to last.  Pictured above is charcoal/lime.  Other vegan colorways include black/orange, grey/light blue, charcoal/royal, and grey/red.

NOTE: presently there is a miscommunication with Vans, the colorways they provided in the other models don’t seem to be available anywhere, not even on the Vans site!  Not sure what the deal is but I will provide updates when I get them.  For now here is what the representative said are vegan models:

  • Inscribe: charcoal/royal
  • Ortho: black/orange, royal/charcoal
  • Secant: grey/red
  • Stat: black/orange, charcoal/royal, red/grey
  • Variable: black/orange

Update 7/13/12: according to Vans, these are the right descriptions for the vegan colorways, but for some reason no one has them up yet.  Keep your eye out for them on the Vans site or other major resellers.  I saw a bunch of these featured at the local Foot Locker too.

Also, there was some confusion expressed by a reader who had a response from Vans saying that these shoes were not vegan.  I brought this up with the rep I was speaking to and she confirmed that the information she provided me was correct.  So there you have it!  Please comment or email me at if there are any further questions.

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