Emerica Westgate Grey

A few days back someone from the most awesome vegan food truck the Cinnamon Snail tweeted me for a skateboard shoe recommendation.  I love these guys.  If you are anywhere near Manhattan, Jersey City, or Red Bank, New Jersey, you gotta hit them up.  Best vegan food I’ve ever had hands down.  The best way to keep track of them is to follow them @VeganLunchTruck on Twitter.

Anyway back to the shoes.  While there are actually a good number of great vegan skate shoes out there, my current pick would have to be the Emerica Westgate.  You can’t beat it if you’re looking for a classic comfy skate shoe that sticks to a tried and true design while not having too many bells and whistles.

This vegan shoe – grey canvas only – is designed by pro Brandon Westgate, and judging from his balls to the wall style of skating (see video below), you know they have to be built to last.  It features a padded foam footbed and EVA foam heel cup to withstand impact from hard landings.  The sole is “double wrapped vulcanized construction” for added board feel.  Depending on how you like your shoes, this one has a thinly padded tongue and collar.  While it’s not as cushy as fully padded, the thin tongue seems to be the preference these days.  Overall it’s just a classic mid skate shoe in a versatile, can’t go wrong colorway.

Available (on sale!) at Zappos.

10 thoughts on “Emerica Westgate Grey”

  1. Thank you so much! I ordered them right away! This shoe will be a great successor for my worn out VANS TNT II mid Anti-Hero green/white 🙂

  2. That’s funny, I have the Vans TNT II mid Anti-Hero green/white as well. Every skate shoe company has to have a Half Cab knockoff, including Vans themselves strangely enough.

  3. Hey Henry,
    I couldn’t seem to access your email to email you this, but when browsing through your blog looking for shoes that I liked I came across this:
    I really liked the shoe, but to my disappointment the shoe wasn’t available on Nice Kicks. So I found this:
    I was wondering if it’s still vegan…
    I know this is not relevant AT ALL to this post on the Westgate, but I could not access your email. Thanks, Jack

  4. Hey it just sends me to the unvegan ones .. i cant find these shoes available anywhere and really want them! peace ash

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