Unstitched Utilities Next Day Mid and Hang Up Demi

Hang Up Demi Navy
Next Day Mid White

It’s been a while since I last wrote about Unstitched Utilities, which is a shame because it’s one of a handful of innovative, environmentally friendly and vegan shoe companies out there.  I have featured the Next Day Low before, which features a unique recycled Tyvek upper.  It resembles crinkled paper, but is strong and lightweight.  As some of you know I’m a big fan of mids, and these immediately caught my eye.

For guys, you can get the Next Day Mid in a slew of colors (more pictured below).  For gals, the Hang Up Demi is available in white, navy, and grey.  I actually prefer the design of the Hang Up Demi as it is chukka style rather than the Next Day Mid, a Chuck Taylor inspired design.  Unfortunately the Hang Up Demi is not available as in as many colors.  More pics after the jump!

Hang Up Demi Grey
Hang Up Demi White
Next Day Mid Khaki
Next Day Mid Orange
Next Day Mid Red
Next Day Mid Charcoal
Next Day Mid Black
Next Day Mid Tan
Next Day Mid Grey


4 thoughts on “Unstitched Utilities Next Day Mid and Hang Up Demi”

  1. I picked up a pair of these in grey almost a year ago and they’re awesome. Unstitched Utilities makes a great shoe that holds up over the test of time in part because of the materials they’re using. Breathable waterproof shoes? Fuck yeah Tyvek.

  2. just checked out their site and they have some seriously dope stuff! Here I was thinkin Native was my only option…now I got two, great post Henry.

  3. Glad to hear some people are feeling these. Linnea these things are waterproof? It doesn’t say anything on the site about that.

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