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As some of you may have noticed, there has been a noticeable absence of New Balance shoes on this site as of late.  I like a lot of what NB has to offer and I’m thinking a lot of you out there feel the same way.  However, I have been consciously avoiding them due  to the fact that they have informed me that despite offering a handful of synthetic leather shoes, they cannot guarantee that their shoes were 100% animal free.

A little while back, I just happened upon a site (which shall remain nameless)selling packaged vegan food who happened to be selling New Balance shoes as well.  As this store appeared legit, I thought maybe that I had it wrong or that New Balance changed it up.  But after contacting NB with this news, my hopes were shot down:

“Unfortunately, with all the materials we use to produce our shoes from various sources, we cannot guarantee that 100 percent vegan. We would like to thank you for bringing to our attention that this independently owned and operated online retailer is falsely portraying our shoes to be 100 vegan. I will make sure to get this information to our compliance branch so they can look into this further.”

So there you have it – New Balance shoes are not vegan.  However, they do offer a range of models made of synthetic uppers.  For those of you willing to overlook the possibility that your shoe may contain animal glues, check it out:

Men’s Running & Outdoor:

MO10, MT10, MT20, MR1123MC, M1540, M587NV, M1260, MR1012MC, M880, MR1080, MR940, MR860, MR840, MR817MC, MR890, MT461, MR580, MT626, MT814, MR1770, MT573, MT876, M1140, MR1400, MT101, MR770, MT910, M498WND, M690, M790, MR1190, MR870, MT915, M780, MR1906

Men’s Cross Training:

MX20, MX813, MX737, MX1011, MX1211, MX871, MX758

Men’s Walking:

MW01, MW10, MW846, MW812, MW660, MW615, MW850

Men’s Tennis:

MC851, CT1004, MC900

While I am obviously disappointed, this really isn’t news.  I have sent an email to NB expressing my concern, but I do not expect anything to change.  Email New Balance and let them know that you are doing one of these:

UPDATE 9/13/12: Sorry guys, I mean, er, gals.  I failed to include the women’s models in my original post.  Please accept this belated update, listed below.  Again, these are not guaranteed vegan.  New Balance has informed us that these shoes contain synthetic uppers only.  They cannot say for sure whether the glue is made of animals or not.

Women’s Running & Outdoor:

WO10, WT10, WT20, WR1012MC, W1540, W1260, WR860, WR890, W587, WR1080, WR817MC, WR840, WR940, WR1400, WT814, W1260, WR1140, WR880, WR580, WT573, WR1770, W498WND, WT876, WR870, WT626, WR650, WT915, W690, W790, WT101, WR1190, WR770, WT461, W780, WR1906

Women’s Cross Training:

WX20, WX813, WX737, WX1011, WX1211, WX871, WX7535

Women’s Walking:

WW01, WW10, WW846, WW812, WW860, WW615, WW855, WW875, WW800, WW850, WW1100, WW1442, WW1870, WW1615

Women’s Tennis:

WCT1004, WC900.

3 thoughts on “New Balance Update”

  1. I feel the same way. I contacted NB about 6 months ago to ask if their shoes are vegan and they responded in the same way. I don’t understand how they cannot confirm what is in their adhesive if it is part of their product.

  2. I guess they have such a fragmented manufacturing base they can’t confirm which product lines were made in which factories.

  3. I contacted NB recently too about the ‘Backpack’ 574 series and go this back. I’d asked about the material used on the trim and logo, as it looks like leather but apparently isn’t.

    “The NB ‘N’ logo and brown trim on back of the heel is actually a cloth material. It is NOT leather, just so you know before purchasing. We also do not have a vegan line of products”

    Obviously there’s still the issue of whether it’s animal glue or not, but I just thought I’d add to the update…

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