PF Flyers All Court (for J.Crew)

UPDATE 9/12/12: I just learned from PF Flyers that these shoes are not vegan.  In fact, no PF Flyers are vegan as they all contain animal glue!  How lame is that?  I’m sorry I jumped the gun on this one but at least from here on out I won’t be listing anything by them.

Summer’s over!  Here in New York, I am frantically trying to enjoy outdoor activities as much as possible before the oncoming cold arrives.  But, it’s not too late to snatch up a pair of “summer” kicks on sale.  These PF Flyers All Court were spotted at J.Crew.  This is an exclusive collaboration features 10 oz. canvas and a customized footbed.  It’s another throwback that is surely familiar to us all, but I like the detailed stitching and two-tone rubber toe cap.  If you’re looking for something similar to the Jack Purcell but not, you should give these a look.

On Sale at J.Crew for $55.  More pics after the jump!

2 thoughts on “PF Flyers All Court (for J.Crew)”

  1. I contacted PF Flyers and they told me that their adhesives contain animal products, but that they are getting weekly requests for vegan shoes and that they are being considered.

  2. Hey DM, not sure if you read the post recently, but I did update it to reflect the same information that I got from PF. They must have sent you the exact same email. It’s unfortunate but hopefully they will reconsider their materials soon! Sorry about that.

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