Vegan Vans Update Fall 2012

Hey everyone, just thought I’d give a quick news flash on the standing of Vans in the vegan shoeniverse.  Nothing too earth shattering here, but since I just got the news from their people, I thought I’d pass it along.  The following models are vegan:

Classic Authentic (Canvas Only) (available in a zillion colors)

More after the Jump!

Classic Era (Canvas Only)

Classic Slip-on (Canvas Only)

Classic Zapato Del Barco (Canvas Only)

Zapato Lo Pro (Canvas Only)

Classic 106 Vulc (Canvas Only)

KVD (Canvas Only)

Custom Slip-on, Era & 106 Vulcanized (the Custom Old Skool is NOT vegan) – See Custom page here at

Old Skool Vegan (only if it states Vegan)

Sk8-Hi (True White colorway Only)

Rowley 99’s – (Black/Synthetic Only) – Limited Edition.  Anyone know where to get this?


3 thoughts on “Vegan Vans Update Fall 2012”

  1. the vans rowley 99’s are updated reissues of the original rowley classic (updated with a slightly thinner tongue and collar). so hyped for those to come out, they should be out sometime this season.

  2. If you find out, please let us know! email me (, FB, or tweet at me (@vegankicks) or just comment.

  3. i bought rowley 99’s black/synthetic year ago here in poland, because vans stated they are vegan. but there is a label on the shoe that says it’s leather. i really hope it’s a fake label, not leather, and they are not making a leather version for europe.

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