Nike Air Max 1 Canvas Blue


This is a sweet catch for all you Nike Air Max fans out there.  Full on canvas releases are few and far between so we’ll have to take what we can get.  I spotted these at Urban Outfitters a little while back so they aren’t brand new, but they’re still available so get them while you still can – and if you like this bright blue colorway.  Holler!

Available at Urban Outfitters.  More Pics after the jump

8 thoughts on “Nike Air Max 1 Canvas Blue”

  1. I find it funny that you are a fan of this Nike shoe, but put down Converse a couple of posts ago. You know Nike owns Converse?

  2. Hi Laura,

    Yes, I did hate on Converse a little before, and I was unaware that Nike owned them. But in my defense, my commentary on Converse was in the context of smaller, fair trade, enviro friendly companies. I wasn’t comparing it to Nike, another company with a less than sterling record.

    The main distinction is the Converse is not vegan, and Nike claims to be. I’m not sure if their shoes are being made by the same suppliers, but I have been told by company reps that Converse does not guarantee that their shoes are vegan, and Nike does (for some).

    But you’re right – there isn’t much of a distinction between the two brands, especially now since they are owned by the same company. It’s not right to favor one over the other. But the fact that one is vegan and the other isn’t limits what I can put here. Unless you prefer that I don’t write about Nike products at all, which is something that I’ve heard in the past. I’ve thought about that but I think that the majority of my readers are okay with it, and so am I. For now.

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