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Glazed and Confused, mens sizes only, available at Zappos, Sanuk, and

As many of you may be aware, we here in the Mid-Atlantic coastal area (and beyond) are waiting out Hurricane Sandy, a/k/a “Frankenstorm.”  So far, it hasn’t been too bad for us here in Gotham.  The winds are a howlin’, and the rain is starting to come down.  We hope that there is no serious hurricane damage, especially flooding.  Oh, and we hope that the lights stay on.  Most disruptive thus far is the closing of the public transit system, which effectively leaves most New Yorkers stranded.  If there is any silver lining to this ordeal, it’s the fact that some of us get out of work.  As my Facebook wall can attest to, this development is highly welcome, even if it means hunkering down indoors for a day or two.

A day like this just makes you want to curl up on your couch, in front of the teevee, and marathon your favorite show.  Get cozy.  But wait, you need to get your popcorn out of the microwave and hot chocolate.  You lower your feet to the floor and… oh the coldness shoots up your body like darkness itself.  You need slippers!  A warm pair of fuzzy house slippers, preferably.  While it may not be dead of winter yet, this storm certainly augurs feelings of days of days spent indoors hiding from the elements.

A nice pair of slippers is a luxury, but after seeing these, they feel more like a must have.  Walking around barefoot in your house during the winter is no fun unless you have a) wall to wall carpeting, or b) the money to turn up your thermostat to 75° all day.  Those aren’t options for me at least.  Enter Sanuk’s Chill Collection Slippers.  This company is better know for its sandals and Sidewalk Surfers, and there are a great many vegan options there too, but those are topics for another day.  I can’t get down with those as much as their slippers.  I couldn’t resist, I’ve never seen anything like these before, especially the Glazed and Confused (see pic above).  Donut print?  Is this a nod to Homer Simpson?  Totally does not make any sense but I love it.

Every house slipper by Sanuk is vegan friendly.  The uppers are made of either canvas and the inners are faux shearling liner.  If that’s not warm enough for you, go with the outerwear inspired Get-Down, which features a nylon upper filled with synthetic down, and a polar fleece liner.  It even comes with an elastic drawcord to keep your feet nice and snug.  Comfort is always paramount, and each slipper features a nylon wrapped, soft, high rebound, molded EVA footbed.  Say what you will about the price point of these, but in my mind you’re getting what you pay for.

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Rugburn Baja (mens) available at Zappos, Sanuk, and Planet Shoes.

Rugburn in black grey (mens) available at Zappos, Sanuk, and Planet Shoes.

Rugburn Baja (womens) available at Zappos, Sanuk, and Planet Shoes.

Rugburn in purple grey (womens) available at Zappos, Sanuk, and Planet Shoes.

Get-Down (mens) available at Zappos, Sanuk, and

Get-Down (womens) available at Zappos, Sanuk, and

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