Vans Authentic and 106 Hi

You’ve got to give it to Vans, they know how to spin off their classics.  Here, they have taken the tried and true Authentic and 106 to another level – literally.  Like they are trying to emulate, or one-up the Chuck Taylor Hi.  Well, it certainly caught my attention.  My first impression is that the mod works for the 106 more than the Authentic.  The silhouette looks evenly shaped and congruous.  The Authentic looks a little haphazard, a little too skinny on the ankles.  At least Vans gave you some crazy colorways though – check out the neon green and neon pink below!

Authentic Hi and 106 Hi (avoid the grey suede colorway) in canvas available at Zappos.

9 thoughts on “Vans Authentic and 106 Hi”

  1. Never been a fan of Vans. Sloppy! I’m not from California, I don’t surf and I’m also not a woman. Alot of the sneakers on this site are Vans styled hippie shoes. Ughh.

  2. Wow, I’ve never heard such a backlash from a Vans post – I thought I was playing to my audience! Duly noted, duly noted.

  3. Also, NO I have to dispute your characterization that a lot of the sneakers here are “hippie shoes.” Skate, surf, yes. Hippie, I think not. Here are some examples of vegan shoes that better fit that bill.

    As you can see I try to avoid these types vegan kicks. If you disagree, that’s cool. Maybe our definition of hippie is different (I would argue that there is barely anything out nowadays that can qualify as hippie as it was in the past). But I’m not sure what else should be out here that’s not hippie, so show me what you’d like to see.

    – Henry

  4. Vegetarian Shoes’s casual range are a disgrace to veganism; visited the shop a while back (it’s very near my home town) & the hippy stench is still lingering.

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