Vegan Wallets Pt. 1

Hank (in army) by Herschel available at Zappos. Note that some models have leather inside.

I have on occasion strayed from the content of this site’s namesake and today I want to do a little show and tell on vegan wallets.  I am actually in the market for a new wallet, since my old one is on its last legs and is surviving on a bit of packing tape.  To save me from future embarrassment, it is time for me to renew and upgrade.

Fortunately, the selection of cruelty free wallets for men is vast.  I found a ton online, enough to make my head spin and limit this one post to a few that caught my eye initially.  There is a lot to like here.  Companies are experimenting with new materials and fabrics in lieu of stale old canvas (though I like a sturdy canvas wallet).  From seat belts (Retool), tyvek (Kazbah), sail cloth (Flowfold), and even wood (Matt and Nat)!  There is truly something for everyone here.

Bear in mind, however, that I am looking for a vegan wallet that is bi-fold and thin.  I hate thick wallets that bulge.  In fact, I would prefer one without the individual slots for cards on the inside.  I’ve found that over time, your cards are susceptible to bending and breaking.  I’m also not a huge fan of the cardholder and magic wallets, I find those to be cumbersome when looking for cash.

Vegan Wallet (in olive drab and black) by Retool available at Etsy.  Outer is seat belt webbing, card holders are 1000D Cordura nylon.

Billfold (in black pearl) by Flowfold.  Made in Maine, out of sail cloth.

Southwest Wallet by UO, available at Urban Outfitters.  Made of synthetic leather

Tellier wallet by Matt and Nat, available at ASOS.  Made of wood and other synthetic materials.

Paper Wallet by Kazbah, available at Karmaloop.  Made of tyvek.

Sam 3 wallet by The Hundreds, available at Premier.

10 thoughts on “Vegan Wallets Pt. 1”

  1. Nice! Good timing – the bi-fold wallet by Vegan Wares I bought from has lasted me quite a long time, but is looking very worn. I’ll probably get another, but these you posted deserve a second look.

  2. Thanks Brian, that bi-fold by Vegan Wares is pretty fancy! Thanks for the comment, let me know if you have any other recommendations. Word.

  3. i rock that vegan wares one as well from vegan essentials. been about a year now and looks brand new still..
    mine does have the slots for cc’s. but had to look professional in my gig and a flaming blue canvas wallet isnt as cool as when i was 18

  4. I highly recommend woven stainless steel wallets. I was given one as a gift, and it’s great. The strands are thinner than paper, so the whole package is very compact. The also block RFID signals, and it appears many are made of post-consumer waste. They tend to pick up dyes after awhile, although it’s likely possible to clean (I haven’t yet tried).

  5. As always, good site.

    I’ve been using a $6 black nylon Basic Editions wallet from Kmart (you can order it thru their site ) it’s actually better-constructed than then other synthetic Veg wallets I’ve had, including pricier ones by Victorinox. Love it.

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