We Have A Winner!

Congratulations to Jon Clark of London, Canada for winning the first ever Vegan Kicks holiday giveaway!  Courtesy of Keep, he will be receiving a free pair of vegan shoes!

When told about his lucky day, he had this very thoughtful and eloquent thought about his animal friendly lifestyle:

I don’t understand people who regress to living against their values after learning the uncomfortable truths about our society’s relationship with animals. However, it did take me a while to finally confront and bring myself to witness the cruelty that I knew was happening. After enough education and some visceral reactions to videos and stories the choice was clear to me. Intrinsically, I knew for so long that I was ignoring the suffering of certain kinds of animals while caring deeply for others. I’m glad that I had so many good friends who helped me along the way.”

Right on brother.  Well, we are so super stoked about the reception we got about this contest.  People all over the world answered the call.  We are sorry we couldn’t make more of you winners.  You guys are the best.  Thank you so much for visiting, reading, following, and commenting.  You guys didn’t get the free shoes, but you are all winners in our hearts.

We fully expect to do more giveaways and contests in the future.  Please, readers – if you have any brands or shoes that you really want, comment or email us.  We will try to get you some free product.  Vendors, companies, marketers, advertisers, big wigs – if you want to get your brand out there, here is the place.  We have global reach, son!  We don’t care where you’re from or what your selling (so long as it’s vegan).  Just let us know and we’ll try to plug your goods.

Until next time!

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