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Happy New Year!  First, just wanted to say thank you to all you guys.  Thanks for reading, commenting, emailing me, and being part of this site.  I hope that we can continue to bring some good solid recommendations and keep carrying the vegan shoe flag, whatever that is.  All in all, 2012 was a great year for us – we had our first giveaway, and more readers than ever.  Let’s keep it jumping in the year twenty thirteen!

To kick off the new year, we present – more boots.  Now, I will admit that my previous two posts on boots may not have featured the most stylish boots out there right now.  But we have a diverse audience, so we’re looking out for everyone out there, even you “hippies” out there.  We know you’re out there, and we stand with you.

But today we’re going to push some more “fashionable” boots out there for those who wear them not necessarily for the weather.  Girls got their boots in a zillion different iterations, so why can’t we guys have some fun with this as well?  Here are a few of my choice picks for those of you who still can’t get enough winter stylins.

Doc Marten 8 Eye Boot

The always classic Doc Marten 8 Eye Boot, looking super clean here, available at Zappos and Planet Shoes.  Also available in Cherry Red and Purple Cambridge.

Novacas Brian Boot

The Brian Boot by Novacas, with plush micr0 fiber that looks and feels just like leather, available at Moo Shoes (on sale now!)

Novacas x Brave Gentleman Worker Boot

Rugged and classic Worker Boot by Novacas x Brave Gentleman, available at Three Leaves.  Also now available in black and dark brown at Moo Shoes.

Vegetarian Shoes Desert Boot

An all season favorite, Desert Boot by Vegetarian Shoes.  Available at Moo Shoes or Vegetarian Shoes (UK).  Novacas Nemo Boot

For something a little sleeker, check out the Nemo from Novacas.  Available at Moo Shoes (also in brown).

3 thoughts on “Mo’ Boots”

  1. I really like your blog and appreciate your diligence in posting! I always refer back to you when shopping for/researching sneakers, which is surprisingly often as of late…thanks so much! 🙂

  2. Hey Kristyna, thanks so much for the compliment! We’re trying to bring you up to date news as much as possible but bear with us when we go through busy times (in our other lives) and can’t keep up as much as we’d like. Look forward to hearing from you again!

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