Vans Geoff Rowley Pro (reissue) – NOT VEGAN

UPDATE 1/19/13: I’ve been informed by Vans that these are NOT VEGAN.  Sucks, but at least it clears things up.  A lot of us, me included, just assumed these guys were animal free.  Apologies for jumping the gun, hope not too many of you went and bought some.  On the bright side, Vans reiterated that the Rowley 99 in black/synthetic are vegan.  You can get them at The House.

Vans Geoff Rowley Pro Black

Thanks Mike for this great tip.  We heard from Vans a while back that the Rowley 99’s in the black colorway (limited edition) was vegan, but it looks like they’ve reissued this classic skate shoe, now just the Geoff Rowley Pro in three different colorways: black/white/red, navy/white/royal, and red/white/grey.  We haven’t received confirmation from Vans whether any of them are vegan for sure, but I have word from several good sources that at the very least the upper is synthetic.  Upon a visual inspection, you can clearly tell that the material is all that matte synthetic leather that is common in our circles.  Whether the glues are vegan are another matter.  In any event I want to tread cautiously since there’s been a lot of contrary assertions out there that Rowley is not vegan, his shoes are not, etc.

I have already contacted Vans and will update when I receive info from them.  If you are confident in your convictions to buy now, they are available at

Vans Geoff Rowley Pro Red

Vans Geoff Rowley Pro Blue

14 thoughts on “Vans Geoff Rowley Pro (reissue) – NOT VEGAN”

  1. As a fellow skater and longtime Vans and anything skateboarding supporter I can’t and WILL NOT EVER SUPPORT ANYTHING w/ Geoff Rowley’s name on it ever again. As fellow vegans and maybe like myself animal activists please don’t support Rowley, as he never was truly vegan afterall, it was all a hype. He admitted he hunted throughout that whole time he said he was vegan, his whole life. He is exactly what I fight against and I won’t ever buy anything w/ his name on it again. And BTW those shoes fall apart at the toe in a week, even though they may be made of a syn. leather as opposed to the more rippable canvas they are NOT durable. The toe caps have far too many stitching layers. If you are an active skater and do tricks you will see all to quickly that each layers threads rip and then you have all these layers just flapping around and the shoe is blown out.
    If you’re vegan you have strong feelings about people that do the things he does and the kind of hunting he does.
    Fellow Vegans, PLEASE READ THIS and pass it on.

  2. thanks for the update & thanks to jbonessk8 for sharing that article . for other reasons i never cared for that dude any way. & am over vans.I support emerica & the new ed templeton shoe looks sick, so keep a look out for that

  3. whoa, what?? i got these a couple weeks ago and the materials tag has the synthetic diamonds and textile mesh symbols only. and i thought Vans clarified awhile ago that their glues are OK. seems weird that they would use different glues on the canvas old skools and call those vegan vs. these. Anyway, the Motorhead edition of these reissues are definitely real suede (the tan/white ones), so maybe that’s the model they were referring to? i would double-check with them and get clarification.

  4. Hi Henry,

    Rowley 99’s – (Black/Synthetic Only) – Limited Edition. These are the only Rowleys that are vegan. The other Rowley styles are not.

    Best Regards,

    Van Team

  5. Just curious if above email comes from a reputable source or if it’s just a response to an email to their (in my experience anything but informed and concerned) cs department? Keep in mind my question might be somewhat ‘wishful’ having worn countless of the original shoe and just about any other non-leather model ever made by Vans.

  6. JA – you could be right. However, I’ve been in touch with Vans a few times recently and they all stick to the same line. Only a few specific models in certain colorways are vegan. The Rowley reissue was not on that list from their most recent correspondence, so I decided to ask them thinking that it was an oversight. They were pretty clear that it wasn’t vegan, which is something that given the history they should know. Then again, maybe that’s wishful thinking on my part. You do bring up a good point. Perhaps we should try to get a contact with someone higher up in the organization. I’ll follow up and get back to you all. Until then, I’d be cautious about any Vans that aren’t listed here.

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