Novacas Maddox

Novacas Maddox Grey

Novacas Maddox Black

Pictured above is the Maddox by Novacas.  They finally got in the sneaker game (what took so long?).  Not a bad initial offering, though I would have tried to target a lower price point – MSRP $194.95?!!!.  That’s bold. I can’t find any information on the materials.  The faux leather does look pretty nice, and I can attest to the high quality of Novacas shoes generally.  But it’s kinda hard to justify the price tag on a pair of sneakers like this.  You can get away with wearing these out, but why not just buy a nice pair of saddle shoes from Brave Gentleman or desert boots from Good Guys?

Novacas Maddox available in black or grey at Moo Shoes (on sale now for $129.99).

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