Emerica Ed Templeton Tempster Giveaway

Emerica Tempster Black

Emerica Tempster Green

Following up on our last post, the good people at Emerica are so gracious as to hook us up for Vegan Kicks’ second shoe contest!  Our blogging is erratic right now, but we’re trying to make every one count!  We are psyched to be giving away one pair of Emerica Tempster (green or black), featured above and below.  This is one out of a bunch of Emerica’s vegan shoes (see our previous post on their newest offerings), and we all thought it was appropriate that this be the one, considering Ed’s longstanding vegan lifestyle.  I know that these shoes won’t be for everyone, but I know all the skaters out there will be chomping at the bits to get a pair.  So, onto the contest!


1.  Please email vegankicks@gmail.com with subject “Emerica Contest” or “Emerica giveaway” or something similar to indicate your intent to enter.  Please include your name and email (if different from the one you’re sending with).  We promise this info will be kept private.

2.  Like us on Facebook OR follow us on Twitter (preferably both).  Please make sure that your FB profile name and twitter handle can be found on our pages.  If we can’t find you, then you won’t be eligible.  Please include your Facebook name (if different from your email name) or your Twitter handle.

3.  The contest is over on April 2, 2013 (not on April Fool’s for your skeptics out there).  Please enter by then.  A winner will be announced shortly after.

4.  There is no number 4!  You can favorite and retweet, tell your friends; it would be great to spread the word of our site and of course give Emerica some extra exposure to the vegan community.  Or maybe you don’t want to say anything so there will be fewer people in the contest, thereby improving your chances of winning!  Whatever you do, we’re psyched that you are so nice to support our site and participate.  Good luck!

Em-Tempster-HERO Em-SP13-Tempster-03




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