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We’re back!  Sorry for the hiatus.  Wish we could bring you all the news, but what can we say, we’ve been slacking.  Keep checking back for updates and goodies.  You won’t be disappointed.  And if you can, please help!  If you see something interesting, or have something fresh to report, please post on our Facebook wall or Tweet at us.

Today we are happy to bring to you another string of vegan shoes brought to you buy our friends at Emerica as part of their new spring collection 2013.  Kudos to them as they are one of the few skateboard shoe companies actively touting their vegan credentials.

As you can see above and below, these are some old standbys.  The Hsu is back in canvas, though I’m not crazy about this olive/black colorway (how about the plain black?).  Ed Templeton is back with the Tempster in black/grey and green.  Controversial pick with the lime green, but I’m sure some of you will appreciate it.  Too bad there is no printed graphic outside on the black model, but you are treated to some artwork from Ed on inside panels.

Emerica Tempster Black

Emerica Tempster Green 2

Emerica Tempster available at Premier (click on photos for link) and also Emerica.

Emerica Hsu Olive Black

Hsu in Olive Black Gum, available at Zappos and Emerica.

Beyond these, we got some low tops that are better suited for lounging than skating (though they all do sport vulcanized soles).  You got the Laced and Memphis in grey, and the Wino in multiple colorways.

Emerica Laced Black Grey

Laced in Black/Red/Grey, available at Zappos and Emerica

Emerica Memphis Grey Gum

Memphis in Grey Gum available at Emerica

Emerica Wino Black Blue

Wino in Black/Blue (denim) available at 6PM, Emerica, Tactics and CCS

Emerica Wino Black Grey White

Wino in Black/Grey/White (twill) available at Zappos and Emerica.

Emerica Wino Black Gum

Wino in Black Gum available at Zappos, Emerica and CCS.

Emerica Wino Blue

Wino in Blue (twill) available at Zappos and Emerica

Emerica Wino Grey Grey

Wino in Grey/Grey (twill) available at Zappos and Emerica

I gotta say, this season’s selection has left me a little bit wanting.  The Tempster is great, but what about the Westgate?  And how about some synthetic suede?  Or just some more colorways in canvas all around?  I know I shouldn’t be complaining, but here’s hoping that there will be some even more vegan love thrown our way this summer!

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