Congratulations to Our Emerica Contest Winner!


Just wanted to give a big shout out to Maciej Kobus, the winner of our Emerica 2013 Tempster giveaway!  It took a while – the shoes were held up in customs for 3 weeks – but our fearless and persistent Polish winner was undeterred.  He finally got the shoes and whew, they fit!  This is what he had to say about them:

I can’t be happier with the new shoes since they are a pro model of well known skateboarder and my huge inspiration – Ed Templeton. I’m not the biggest fan of high/mid shoes but they seem to fit nicely. I didn’t have a chance to wear them for a longer time but they feel comfortable. Also huge thanks to Ed and the guys at Emerica for keeping it real and staying true for all these years.

We couldn’t have put it better, dude.  Thanks again for entering.  And thank you, Emerica, for keeping it real and participating and not hating on the vegan skaters out there.  We send much love out there, keep up the good work Ed Templeton and everyone over there at Emerica.

One more pic after the jump!


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