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I know what you’re thinking – “socks?  I’m vegan, I came here to get a scoop on shoes.  I don’t have a problem finding animal free products to put on my feet before the shoes!”  If you are thinking that, well you’re right.  You can spot a pair of wool socks a mile away.  I don’t have a really great answer to that other than hey, I’m a sucker for the little things.  And yes, socks are overlooked accessories, but the right (or wrong) pair can really make a difference.

Take for instance these made by Happy Socks.  You got jaunty argyles, wild stripes, trippy polka dots, and neon animal prints in crew, knee-high, ankle lengths, all woven and combed cotton and other synthetic materials.  If these don’t make you smile, you are not a fun person.  Me, I will fully admit that I go all black or grey, even white sometimes (ugh, I know) with some minor variations – polka dot, argyle.  Nothing too crazy.  But man, I really need to get me some of these for the summer.

It’s not just the wild designs and patterns that’s drawing us to Happy Socks.  The quality is superb – the stronger combed cotton lasts longer.  Comfort is improved with reinforced heel and toes.  Before they’re shipped out, they’re washed in a process which ensures that they won’t shrink after you wash them.

Did I mention their fair trade creds?  The socks are made in a family factory in Turkey, and tights in Italy.  Their productions sites are (according to their website) in accordance with international labor laws and standards.  They even have hemp and recycled cotton socks!  The only thing that I’d want is for them to incorporate organic into their line.

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So if you like, get happy.  You can cop any of these at the Happy Socks site.  Or click on the link below.  Or if you’re in New York, they just opened up a store on 436 W. Broadway (at Prince).

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