Asics Onitsuka Tiger Vegan Updated Summer 2013

Hey all, just thought some of you might be wondering which Asics Onitsuka Tiger models might be animal free right now.  Well, I am sorry for the lengthy pause since my last update, I know you all love these.  Well I’ve made contact with Asics and while the list isn’t as extensive as in times past, we have the following styles which are vegan.  Please note that some of these ecommerce sites are listing these as having leather, but pay them no mind – I went back to Asics and they confirmed that these models are indeed vegan.  Also, apologies for the short list.  We are a little disappointed that there are so few options to choose from.  Hopefully they will be expanded in next seasons lineup.

Rio Runner

Asics Rio Runner Grey

Available at Urban Outfitters (in multiple colors)

Mexico 66 Zip

Asics Mexico 66 Zip Black

Available in women’s sizes in black/hot pink and white/coral at Amazon.

Mexico 66 Zip Paraty

Asics Mexico 66 Paraty

Available at Zappos

Mexico 66 Slip On

Asics Mexico 66 Slip On

Available at Zappos


Asics Sakurada

Available at Zappos

2 thoughts on “Asics Onitsuka Tiger Vegan Updated Summer 2013”

  1. Hey there!
    I also contacted Asics regarding the newly released Colorado 85 and Harandia.
    Apparently there is no version leather-free, but perhaps, according to many shops, the yellow version of the Harandia seems imitation leather.

    Further, Ult-Racer and Golden Spark are apparently leather free.
    I might place an order for many different models and check the inner labels.
    Though I am left wondering – and here I am asking for your opinion – to which extent we trust what?
    e.g. if asics tells me that all Colorado 85 contains leather and then I find a model where the label says synthetic leather, which side am I to believe?
    Thx for your great job thus far 🙂

  2. Hey Erik, thanks for the comment. I usually go by what the company spokesperson says. It’s really hard to tell people to check each shoe on a case by case basis. Also, the problem is that even if the leather is synthetic, the glue may contain animal products. So when I ask Asics what is vegan, I expect that they include that as well. If you’re only concerned about the leather, then maybe you can just check the label and see what it says. You never know, they might have changed factories, or the person you’re corresponding with just doesn’t know enough about it. That being said, if you can check it out in person, I’d encourage you to do so, and let us know what you find!

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