Peta2 x Macbeth Gatsby

Macbeth Peta Gatsby 1

Readers of this blog probably are aware that Macbeth makes vegan shoes, and if you don’t know what Peta is, well we have no idea how you are on this site right now.  But what is new is that they’ve recently teamed up to design and promote a version of Macbeth’s Gatsby shoe.  This model is animal free, featuring grey canvas and red laces, as well as an image of Peta2’s “Not a Nugget” character on the insole.

What’s also interesting is that the shoe is released in conjunction with a cruelty free footwear and clothing campaign called “The First Step.”  They’ve garnered the support of bands and musicians to encourage [young] people to abstain from buying leather and other animal goods – this Macbeth shoe is a good place to start.  For me, you can’t really go wrong with a grey canvas sneaker.  And Macbeth has always offered vegan shoes, so we here at VK give them big ups.  We would like to see them convert their entire catalog to cruelty free, but still, thanks for spreading the word and keep up the good work!

The Peta2 x Macbeth Gatsby in grey canvas is available at Journeys.  For more pics click here. (also more after the jump)

Macbeth Peta Gatsby 2 Macbeth Peta Gatsby 6 Macbeth Peta Gatsby 5 Macbeth Peta Gatsby 4 Macbeth Peta Gatsby 3

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