Sanuk Shipwrecked

Sanuk Shipwrecked Brindle

Hello everyone!  We apologize profusely for our prolonged absence.  This summer we (meaning me, Henry) have been slammed with a combination of work (and play).  But I didn’t realize how long Vegan Kicks has gone without an update – almost a month!  Thank you for continuing to visit and check in.  We know there are some of you out there who come back and we appreciate it.

But onto the shoe du jour – the Sanuk Shipwrecked.  Some of you may know this company by their unmistakeable flat and squished sandalshoes, which look like they took a sneaker and removed all of the padding inside.  They always look way too big, especially when you’re not supposed to wear socks with them.  Say what you will about the surfer bro vibe of those, when adapting a boat shoe, they didn’t do a bad job.  If you want to go the opposite of the preppy, Sperry Topsider look, you might want to give these a shot.

Even though they use their sandal sole construction, these resemble actual shoes.  The canvas uppers feature frayed stitching and though there are laces, you can slip them on and off.  There is some small branding on the heel and outer face.  The insoles feature some anti-microbial stuff.  What did I miss – oh, they are vegan.  Almost forgot!

Available at Zappos in the below colors.

Sanuk Shipwrecked Carbon Sanuk Shipwrecked Camo Sanuk Shipwrecked White Sanuk Shipwrecked Red Sanuk Shipwrecked Navy

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