Wills Desert Boot

Wills Desert Boot Taupe

Happy Holidays everyone!  Sorry for our prolonged absence, we were out doing our vacation things and as such were a little unplugged.  I’m sure a lot of you were too, and we think that that’s a good thing.  But we’re back, and hoping for a great New Year!

Today we are taking a look at Wills, a superb new shoe label out of England [Thank you James for the tip!].  Their men’s collection is a solid selection of semi-casual to dressy.  Of course, they’re all vegan (microfiber suede and leather) and fair trade (workers are paid in accordance with European guidelines).  They’re also priced reasonably, even after you convert the price from British Pounds.

They offer several different kinds of oxfords and boots, but today we’re giving a closer look at their Desert Boot.  The upper is made out of faux suede microfiber.  Compared to the Vegetarian Shoe Desert Boot, the Wills model has a more updated look.  It has a narrower toe and a brick red outsole.  And the three colors – taupe, grey, and brown – are all solid IMO.

Unfortunately for those of us state side, these are only sold online and from England.  So for those in the EU, shipping will be £15 and in the US, £25.  Yikes.  When are you going to have some stockists over here?

Wills Desert Boot Brown

Wills Desert Boot Grey

3 thoughts on “Wills Desert Boot”

  1. Have you guys seen that Beyond Skin, another vegan shoe brand from England are going to be doing menswear. They have been around for a while and I’ve had a few pairs of their women’s shoes, and they are great quality. And there shipping to the US is only £16 if you spend under £100. You guys should check them out!

  2. We have heard of Beyond Skin, but we didn’t know they were going into Men’s products. Thanks for the info, looking forward to seeing what they got!

  3. Wills Vegan Shoes deliver for to the US for 15 dollars ( 9 pounds) and to Europe for 3.75 euros (3 pounds). Their shoes are less expensive than Beyond Skin’s and I like their looks.

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