Autonomie Project Black High Top Sneaker

Autonomie Blacktop High 1

Vegans, ditch your Converse – they do not guarantee animal free materials in any of their shoes.  Fortunately, there are a lot of good vegan replacements out there.  One of these, is the high top made by Autonomie.  We’re a fan of the black on black.  Not much else to talk about here – what you see is what you get.

Available at Moo Shoes.

Autonomie Blacktop High 2 Autonomie Blacktop High 3

4 thoughts on “Autonomie Project Black High Top Sneaker”

  1. I heard the same thing. I owned one pair, purchased from a vegan shoe store here in Vancouver and had another pair ordered. After waiting for months the store told me that Autonomie had gone under.

  2. Adam,
    That would have been us, at Nice Shoes. They (Autonomie) told us that they are looking to sell the company, and have fully stopped production. We’d been trying to re-order from them for a while.

    On their website (, they’ve got a note:

    “Unfortunately, Autonomie Project is not offering any products for sale right now. We’ll be sending out an email blast to our Newsletter if and when we’re back in action though, so please do sign up and keep us in mind!”

    Also, it looks like Converse might be suing them:

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