Cliff Belts Billfold Wallet Giveaway

Sienna Billfold - Cropped

And we’re back!  Last time around we featured some great new stuff from NYC based Cliff Belts.  (Check their spring 2014 stuff here)  Today we are very excited to be doing a little collaboration and giving away their Sienna Billfold Wallet!  For the longest, whenever you wanted to get a wallet, the only non-leather alternative was canvas.  But no more!  The Billfold is cork, harvested from sustainable cork tree bark.  I was able to see Cliff’s stuff in person over the weekend, and I was very surprised how soft and natural cork looks and feels.  It’s definitely not stiff and hard like wine bottle variety.  I would compare it quite favorably to actual leather, which makes sense since it’s being made into belts and wallets.  The Billfold is lined on the inside with a cotton polyester blend, and features a three card pocket and one large ID pocket.  The dye is a handsome brown, or Sienna, which is 100% natural.

Sienna Billfold - B - Cropped

Here are the contest rules:

1)  Send an email to with “Cliff Belts Giveaway” in the subject.

2) Sign up for Cliff Belts newsletter.  No need for you to do anything.  When you email us you will automatically be signed up.

3) Contest ends February 27th, so we will take any submissions before the end of that day (Thursday).

Good luck, and more pictures after the jump!

Sienna Billfold - C - Cropped

For those of you who weren’t able to check them out at ID Popup Shop, this is what you missed out on!



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  1. These are actually not 100% cork, more like 5-10% maybe. To make so-called “cork-fabrics” you glue a super thin layer of cork on to another material, usually a cotton canvas or polyester fabric or even a paper.

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