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Hey everyone, got a quick but important Nike update for you.  Unfortunately, they no longer maintain a list of animal free, vegan shoes.  They have represented to us in the past that certain shoes we inquired into were in fact vegan, but it appears that this is no longer the case.  Please see below for the response from one of their representatives:

Hello Henry,

My name is Dave and I am a Nike Running Pro. I too am a plant powered runner and I would be glad to lend a hand with this question. While we no longer maintain a current Non-Animal footwear list, we do advise consumers who are contentious of this experience to look for shoes that feature synthetic leather, mesh, or other non-full grain leather materials. Typically speaking, the Running and Cross Training silos are great places to start. This is because shoes that are designed to be lightweight will usually not include full grain leather…

Best regards,

Nike Pro Services

In summary, if you are the type that doesn’t care about the glue, then Nike is still an option for you.  For us, we are going to have to boycott Nike right now until they can certify at least some of their products are entirely vegan.  This is unfortunate, as there appears to be a dwindling selection for us in the sneaker world.  You would think that as time passed, there would be a reflection in the business community about the rising awareness of animal cruelty in their products.  Unfortunately, we have yet to reach a tipping point where this is universally acknowledged by the mainstream as a genuine concern.

We encourage all VK readers and animal lovers to reach out to their favorite brands and ask the simple question – why?  Why do you continue to use animal materials in your products?  If you don’t know what your shoes are made of, why is that the case?  Perhaps that is the most troubling answer of all, and points to an even darker aspect of globalized, outsourced manufacturing – you can’t even tell us what this is made out of!  We are disappointed in these big labels; one by one, they continue to be vague and insensitive to our concerns.  Fortunately, we have a growing number of smaller companies who are willing to stand up for something other than pure fashion.  We encourage you to check out our archives for the small guys who are blazing the path to a more ethical, animal friendly future.

– Henry

5 thoughts on “Nike Update”

  1. I just bought running shoes and sadly did not check to see if they were vegan as it did not cross my mind that they might have leather or use non-vegan glue. thanks for raising these issues.

  2. Nike are particularly clueless, even amongst the large manufacturers. My daughter has a pair of Frees that state they are made with leather even though it obvious the shoes are 100% synthetic materials. Likewise pretty much every Nike running shoe you see here in the UK states leather on the label, even when the shoe is clearly synthetic.

    In terms of glue, personally I don’t trust any manufacturer who reckons they can guarantee what type of glue a 3rd party contractor in the far east is using (yes that includes Macbeth etc) so persoanlly I don’t sweat it. If you’re bothered about glues just go for a brand that manufactures in the EU.

  3. Use of dead animals aside, can Nike products be considered vegan?

    Vegans oppose the exploitation of animals. This opposition must apply to the exploitation of humans as well. If Nike products are created through a process of economic exploitation that victimizes human workers, vegans might consider boycotting the company on these grounds alone.

    Nike has been criticized for its support of sweatshop conditions in the past. Has the company since redressed these issues?

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