Veja Taua & Mediterranee

Veja Taua California Blood Veja Mediterranee Camel White

And we’re back!  What better way to embrace the summer and the World Cup than some fresh kicks from Veja?  Made sustainably and in fair trade conditions, the vegan Taua and Mediterranee show that there’s more to Brazil than Futbol and Samba.  We’ve already featured these, but we like them so much that we had to bring them back.  Plus we finally got on Instagram and had to put up some of the dope pictures we took of them in the wild.  There’s so much to like about these shoes – the cotton is organic, and the rubber is actual rubber from the tree (not the synthetic kind that is cheaper but petroleum based).  Oh, and they are dope, with simple clean lines and low profiles.

These two vegan models are available at Three Leaves (with some colorways on sale).  Be careful though, not all the Veja shoes you might see elsewhere are vegan.  This is unfortunate as we wish they would take into account the serious ethical and environmental concerns with raising and slaughtering cattle and using their skin for leather.  Hopefully, companies like this will see the error in their ways and go full vegan in the future.  Until then we believe it is important to support these progressive businesses for taking the risk and actually making animal and environmentally friendly products.

More pics after the jump!

Veja Taua Grey Black
Taua Grey Black
Veja Taua California Blood
Taua California Blood
Veja Taua Dirty Sky
Taua Dirty Sky
Veja Mediterranee Ice Marinho
Mediterranee Ice Marinho
Veja Mediterranee Navy White
Mediterranee Navy White
Veja Mediterranee Camel White
Mediterranee Camel White
Veja Mediterranee Blood White
Mediterranee Blood White

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