Vegan Shop Up New York City July 2014

I spot some Brave Gentleman, Novacas, and Vegetarian Shoes

Unfortunately due to some technical difficulties we lost the content of our last post.  You know that feeling when you’re working on a paper or something on Word and you forget to hit save, and your computer crashes?  Well, this is maybe not that dramatic but nevertheless it’s one of those ARGH moments.

This is a re-do, it’s not going to have all the stuff that we originally put up, but we’ll try our best.  We went to the July Vegan Shop Up at  Moo Shoes in New York, and it was great.  We met a bunch of cool people, saw some new vegan shoes, and ate a bunch of great food.  Here’s some of what we saw!

Soaps by Meow Meow Tweet

Meow Meow Tweet is a Brooklyn based apothecary specializing in products that will make you clean and smell good.  They sell things that will make your apartment smell better too.  Not like that bigfoot pictured on that wrapper.  No joke, buying this stuff will clean your soul as well.  Okay, at least your conscience.  Obviously 100% vegan, no animal products.  Also made in small batches using no harmful chemicals.  Get some here!

Chickpea Magazine Summer 2014

We were super impressed with Chickpea Magazine, an all vegan, plant based quarterly.  The print copies we perused have just absolutely amazing photos that made us so hungry, and envious of a beautiful lifestyle we will never achieve, alas.  But, pick up a copy, or go to the website and get the digitals to get the season’s best vegan flavors.  We know that it’s a waste of resources blah blah to get a print copy, but the screen does not do them justice; these are quality books you’ll want to keep for a long time.


New Fall Winter from Brave Gentleman

We caught a glimpse of the new fall winter 2014 shoes from Brave Gentleman, and the future is black and shiny.  Pretty soon we’ll have something to wear with our tux!  Wait, I need to get a tux first.  Damn!

I spot some Macbeth, Keep, and maybe Ethletic?

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