Unstitched Utilities Fall 2014

Next Day Low Navy Burgundy

We’ve featured Unstitched Utilities before, but we were very excited to finally get our hands on some!  We came away very impressed with the look, feel, and comfort of all three models we wore: the Next Day Low in navy burgundy, Next Day Hi QT Black, and Gusto navy. Click down for more!

Next Day Hi QT Black

We are very excited this review.  Unstitched U’s straightforward, elegant styles paired with alternative materials jumped out at us immediately.  Of course, we are all about that the fact that all their shoes are 100% vegan, and made with potentially recyclable materials.  We did have some questions regarding the Tyvek based uppers since we’ve never seen this used in a shoe before.  But our initial impressions were all positive.  We really dug the crinkly texture, as it adds a rugged look which is slightly more polished than canvas.  Another potential issue was comfort, but that wasn’t a problem as the inner is lined with a smooth, fabric-like material.  We wore the Next Day Low without socks and didn’t experience any rubbing or irritation.  The QT has a little extra padding, which is a bit easier on your feet.   While they weren’t put through any sort of rigorous testing, these shoes are clearly more water resistant and durable than some comparable canvas sneakers.

Gusto Navy

We haven’t even talked about the Gusto yet, which is a new women’s slip on model.  It’s a departure from their signature tyvek, but like all Unstitched shoes there is an added twist.  Here, instead of a regular flat tongue, the elastic is inserted in the middle and stitched downward at an angle following the contours of the foot.  The result, as our model can attest to, is supreme comfort.  The rest of the shoe is unadorned, but you can select from five colorways.

All available Unstitched Utilities.





Unstitched IG Next Day Low Navy

Unstitched IG Next Day Hi QT Black

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