Wills Desert Boot and Faux Suede Derby

Wills Desert Boot Brown 1

Wills Faux Suede Derby Grey 1

We were able to get our hands on a couple of Wills vegan shoes on a recent trip we took to Maine.  Pictured here are the Faux Suede Derby in grey and Desert Boot in brown.  This will be our first installment, stay tuned for more photos and an in depth profile coming up!

We have been huge fans of Wills since they launched last year, and we were not disappointed in the product.  Right out of the box we noticed the quality of the design and construction of the shoes.  The silhouettes were clean yet not too restrictive.  The toe boxes are slimmed but roomy.  And while these are casual shoes, I wouldn’t hesitate to wear them at the office or quasi-formal events, as the materials and colors are very versatile.

Speaking of materials, we were very impressed with the suede-like microfiber that makes up the upper.  It is soft, lightweight, and comfortable.  We aren’t able to comment on the its durability, but we’re confident that it will last you a long time as with other comparable micro-fibers we’ve worn.  The outsole is made out of a brick red EVA material, which is very soft and rubber-like.  The insole is padded, also a nice touch.  You can tell that comfort was a priority when designing these shoes.  Our only concern with the material is the durability of the sole.  We can see that with regular use, it could wear down rather quickly.  We’re not sure whether you can get the sole replaced at a shoe repair shop, but we’ll follow up on that.

Wills has an impressive selection of men’s and women’s shoes, from sneakers to boots to formal shoes.  They are all vegan and ethically made in Portugal.  Currently, you can get free shipping in the UK and Europe.  But anywhere you order (US, Canada, UK, or Europe), you get free 90 day returns.  We love this because you can try before you buy – and get the right size without being penalized for guessing wrong.  Speaking of sizing, we felt that these were true to size for dress shoes.  For instance, if you wear size 11 (US) sneakers, you would typically get a size 10 (US) for a dress shoe.  In this case, you should order the 10.  Hope that is helpful!

Check out Wills for their entire selection, there is definitely something here for (almost) everyone!

Wills Desert Boot Brown 2 Wills Desert Boot Brown 3

Wills Faux Suede Derby 2 Wills Faux Suede Derby 3 Wills Faux Suede Derby 4

Wills Faux Suede Derby Grey 5

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  1. Hey Clint, now I’m sorry we don’t know how much they weigh. Probably best to contact Wills directly. Thanks for commenting!

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