Adidas by Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney Pure Boost

Many of you probably already know about Stella McCartney as a fashion designer and animal activist.  But we here at VK did not know that she had her own line of clothing and shoes made by Adidas.  At first, we were skeptical.  But man, are we impressed with the interesting materials and designs of these kicks.  Plus, some of these are very functional and practical, from comfortable slip ons to serious running shoes.   It is obvious that her company didn’t just slap her name on a bunch of generic Adidas.

Of course, when Stella McCartney puts her name on a shoe (literally in some of these models), you are know you are buying vegan.  The uppers on all of her sneakers are made of synthetics or some kind of natural fiber (more detail would be helpful).  Now, according to her website, none of the glues contain animal products.  I’m not sure that this would apply to the Adidas made shoes, we will have to follow up on that.  Whenever Adidas is involved, we are skeptical, but she has been collaborating with them since 2005, so we would presume that this would have come up and been addressed.  If we receive any additional info, we’ll update.

But for now, enjoy.  The models pictured here are available at Zappos, and you can visit the Stella McCartney specific site here.  They also sell (high end) athletic clothing, some of them organic and environmentally friendly materials.

Stella McCartney Pilates Stella McCartney Weekender Hiker Stella McCartney Dance Stella McCartney Dorifera Feather Stella McCartney Track and Street Stella McCartney Plimsoll Stella McCartney Discosura Hiker Stella McCartney Adipure

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