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Ahnu Cruz Vegan 1

Today we are doing a roundup of vegan shoes made by Ahnu, an outdoor footwear and clothing company based in San Francisco.  They primarily offer hiking boots, yoga gear, and functional slippers.  While we are mildly disappointed that Ahnu doesn’t have more vegan friendly options, there’s a lot to like here.  Click below for more pics and words.

Ahnu’s vegan model selection is not huge, and unfortunately there are no animal free hiking boots at the moment.  But our contact noted that there will be an improved offering of vegan models in the future, so that’s encouraging.  Pictured above is the Cruz, a slip on clog that we will review in a future post (thanks Ahnu for the sample!).  Below are a some sandals for men and women.  As you can see, casual is the appropriate term here.  You’re taking these on a trip to the cabin or lake house, not for a night out.   As we can confirm with our test of the Cruz, these are really well constructed casual shoes.  Comfort and quality are very evident, and these are made in the USA, all factors which can justify the high price point.

Moreover, Ahnu takes corporate responsibility seriously.  They follow strict ethical supply chain standards and uses post-consumer recycled fibers in their catalogs and packaging.  They have also teamed up with a number of philanthropic organizations such as 1% of the Planet to offset their impact on the environment.  In our experience, very few take social and environmental responsibility to this level, and we hope that continues with more fair and ethically made products in the future.

For their vegan shoes selection, click here.

Ahnu Karma Vegan Dark Olive

Women’s Karma Vegan in BlackMore colors.

Ahnu Women's Karma Mesh Anemone

Women’s Karma Mesh in AnemoneMore colors.

Ahnu Women's Karma Textile Mood Indigo

Women’s Karma Textile in Mood IndigoMore colors.

Ahnu Women's Tilden IV Colony Blue

Women’s Tilden IV in Colony BlueMore colors.

Ahnu Men's Del Rey Smokey Brown

Men’s Del Rey in Smokey BrownMore colors.

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