The White Pariah Shop Vegan Oxford

White Pariah Canvas Oxford 1

White Pariah Canvas Oxford 2

A quick hit for today.  Sorry for not coming up with the goods lately.  Hopefully the 2015 will bring more time and energy for VK!  Here was have a Vegan Oxford by The White Pariah Shop based in Bangkok, Thailand.   The upper is made out of canvas, the sole rubber and the heel wood.  Each pair is handmade to order, so you can actually request the canvas be dyed a certain color.  Not for winter, these are for you (lucky) guys who are south of the equator this time of year.

Available at the White Pariah Shop on Etsy.

One thought on “The White Pariah Shop Vegan Oxford”

  1. These shoes like wonderful. It’s so hard to find nice vegan shoes that aren’t pretending to be leather (which is gross — why would we want to imitate something so wrong).

    Great site. Thanks so much.

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