Winter Boot 2014 Roundup Part 2

Brave Gentleman Visionary Boot

Visionary Boot by Brave Gentleman, available at Vegan Chic

Here’s part 2 of our 2014 winter boot find.  This time around, we are emphasizing form over function.  We have no expectations regarding the warmth or water resistance of any of the dressier looking boots.  Most of them look seem they can handle some rain and some minor snow.  But a lot of these we wouldn’t advise using for real bad days.  We hope that between our two posts that you find something that is suitable to your needs.  Enjoy!


Worker Boot by Wills

Vegetarian Shoes Duck Boot

Duck Boot by Vegetarian Shoes, available at Mooshoes

 Novacas Duprey Boot

Duprey Lace Up Boot by Novacas, available at Vegan Chic

Wills 16 Eye Work Boot

16 Eye Work Boot by Wills

NAE Sierra Style Work Boot

Sierra Style Work Boot by NAE, available at Vegan Chic

Brave Gentleman Defender

Defender by Brave Gentleman



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