What We Wear: Winter Work Coats

Nordstrom Portland Car Coat 1
Nordstrom Portland Car Coat (available at Nordstrom)

I have an admission:  I wear wool.   #gasp.  I own a bunch of sweaters, ties, and coats before I made “the switch,” and I can’t bear to throw them out.  I want to replace everything, but apart from the money, it has been hard finding vegan clothes suitable for the office.  A particularly vexing issue has been trying to find a replacement for my wool overcoat.  The choice for acceptable, cruelty free winter coats is surprisingly limited, even more so than shoes.  Even if you can find a nice synthetic coat, it’s often filled with down.  I figured I can’t be the only one who is having trouble with this, so I thought this would be a good time to launch the first in a series of What We Wear – clothes you need, but have a hard time going vegan with.

Bonobos The Winter Mack 1
Bonobos The Winter Mack (available at Bonobos)

We narrowed our choices down using a few criteria:

1.  Professional in a business casual setting.  Didn’t have to be long enough to cover a suit, but had to go below the waist by a few inches at least.  A lapel was preferable but not required.  Hood was not a plus, but that wasn’t a deal breaker.  Dark color, preferably black.  Not puffy.

2.  Warm.  This was the hardest thing.  There are plenty of cotton and synthetic rain coats with no insulation.  We needed one for winter, so it would have to have some kind of synthetic lining – thinsulate, polyester (what else?).  No down.

3.  Reasonably priced.  Another limiting factor, but this wasn’t too much of an obstacle.  More expensive coats universally use animal products.

Eddie Bauer Rainfoil Trench Black
Eddie Bauer Rainfoil Insulated Commuter Trench (available at Eddie Bauer)

Available at Eddie Bauer

Merrell Stealth Trench Coat
Merrell Stealth Trench Coat (available at Nordstrom)

2 thoughts on “What We Wear: Winter Work Coats”

  1. This. More of this. Sneakers are fine and all but going to work and looking less than because I’m vegan should be solved in 2015.
    thanks for this.

  2. Hey Joe, thanks! I’m glad this is helpful. We’re hoping to do more of this, because it’s definitely an issue that we’ve been dealing with and we can’t be the only ones. Stay tuned for more 🙂

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