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Bergies Socks
Pictured above: Happy Socks Men’s Disrupted Stripe

Being a blogger has its perks.  One of them is that you meet awesome people with similar sensibilities.  Another is that you sometimes get free swag.  Today’s post involve both situations.  [to be fair, everyone who sends us stuff is awesome, smiley face]. Bergies is a great online shop that sells socks, sock puppets, and slippers.  But you don’t go there to get your white tube socks.  You go for fun stuff like animal themed socks (which there are many to choose from) and things like CHEWBACCA SLIPPERS.

Socksmith Unicorn Crews
Socksmith Women’s Unicorn Crews

So based on their healthy selection of cat themed items, you might conclude that the proprietors are animal people, and you’re right.  They are all about that life, and being a 100% vegan store is part of their M.O.  I thought they were pandering to us but then I saw that it’s important enough to put front and center on their website.  And you might be wondering, what does it matter, it’s easy to find vegan socks?  To that I would say, there are a lot of wool products out there, so many that it was a problem for me when looking for winter socks.

Sock It To Me Duck Crews
Sock It To Me Men’s Duck Crews

So check out Bergies.  We have pictured just a few items out of their sizeable selection.  We guarantee that if you’re reading this, you would be interested in something here.   Plus, free shipping on orders over $25!

Momo approves
Momo approves
Mari, maybe not
Mari, maybe not liking the competition from Sock It To Me Women’s Cameo Cat Knee Highs

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  1. I actually have the last pair (the knee-highs with the kitties). They were a birthday gift from my friend, another fellow blogger. ~.o

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