Pigeon Shoes Explorer


Pigeon Explorer City (white sole)
Pigeon Shoes Explorer City (white sole)

Today we are excited to feature the Pigeon Shoes, an Australian brand launching their Explorer model via Kickstarter (campaign ending April 14, 2015).    This is a casually dressy shoe, wearable to work but comfy enough to play in a pickup soccer game on the way home.  We have seen some variations of this concept, most notably in sneaker hybrid Cole Haan Lunarglide.  Just as we’re seeing sneakers turn up, the dress shoe archetypes are being bended towards the more practical needs of everyday wear.  Fortunately for us now, we have another vegan option!

Pigeon Explorer City 3

Pigeon Explorer City 2

Unlike the Cole Haan Lunarglide, the Explorer is more like a work boot masked as a wingtip dress shoe.  The sole is thick rubber with traction tread, somewhat like these Red Wing boots.  And the toe takes on a distinctive, boxy look.  Slim profile, these are not.  They aren’t going to be worn in a formal business setting, but they look mean with a pair of slim chinos and a blazer.

Pigeon Explorer Grind 3
Pigeon Shoes Explorer Grind (orange sole)

Pigeon Explorer Grind 2

Pigeon Explorer Grind 1

What’s great about Pigeon is that they have put a lot of thought into their materials, with a major emphasis on compassion and cruelty free construction.  To wit, “We love animals, and we are sure that you do too. We don’t want to see animals mistreated and killed for our fashion. So, our shoes are 100% vegan and vegetarian friendly and contain no leather, suede, fur, wool, silk or any other animal products.”  The Explorer is made out of a synthetic material the call “Charmsan.”  It is flexible, bacteria and fungus proof, plus water dirt and stain resistant.  [We will inquire further as to what Charmsan is made out of].  Moreover, each shoe is fully handmade from skilled artisans in Indonesia.

Pigeon Explorer Dirt 3

Pigeon Explorer Dirt 2

Pigeon Explorer Dirt 1
Pigeon Shoes Explorer Dirt (black sole)

Colorways: currently, the Explorer is offered only in one black upper.  You have three sole colors to choose from – white (City), orange (Grind), and black (Dirt).

Pricing: $199 AUD, or $150 US.  Shipping is free worldwide.  Available at Kickstarter up until April 14, 2015.

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