Matt & Nat Men’s Spring Summer 2015 Roundup

Matt & Nat The Paxx 1
Matt & Natt Artigan 1

Today we have 2015 spring and summer lineup of bags and wallets for men by Matt & Nat.  This Montreal based vegan bag label is known for its high end, sophisticated offerings, and this season does not disappoint.  Their stuff is beautiful and functional – not for everyone, but perfect for those seeking a certain look.

Matt & Nat is short hand for “material and nature,” (here I thought it was named after two guys who started the company), and thus their products are made with environmental impact in mind.  Over the years they have experimented with materials such as recycled nylon, rubber, cardboard and cork.  Since 2007, they have used only 100% recycled plastic bottles to make their lining.  Church!

There’s so much to feature from their collection that we’re going to have to break it up.  Today, we’re spotlighting the men’s line (there’s a lot more for women).  The pictures don’t contain links.  For more information, please the Matt & Nat site.

Matt & Nat Artigan Midnight
Artigan Midnight
Matt & Nat Artigan Black
Artigan Black
Matt & Nat Nolan Midnight
Nolan Midnight
Matt & Nat Nolan Black
Nolan Black
Matt & Nat Lesson Midnight
Lesson Midnight
Matt & Nat Lesson Black
Lesson Black
Matt & Nat Editor Midnight
Editor Midnight
Matt & Nat Editor Black
Editor Black
Matt & Nat Tacoma Midnight
Tacoma Midnight
Matt & Nat Tacoma Black
Tacoma Black
Matt & Nat Soren Midnight
Soren Midnight
Matt & Nat Soren Black
Soren Black
Matt & Nat Raylan Midnight
Raylan Midnight
Matt & Nat Raylan Black
Raylan Black
Matt & Nat Paxx Midnight
Paxx Midnight
Matt & Nat Paxx Black
Paxx Black
Matt & Nat Bane
Matt & Nat Max
Matt & Nat York

Matt & Nat Rubben

Matt.& Nat Dean Midnight
Dean Midnight
Matt & Nat Dean Black
Dean Black

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