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Today we are featuring Luca Chiara, an Italian inspired, vegan shoe and bag label.   Founded over 100 years ago, the owner’s great great grandfather opened a shoe store in Italy, then in the US.  It was reborn recently in the New York City and Hudson Valley area as an environmentally conscious and animal friendly brand.

Luca Chiara is great if you are going for a more European look.  The shoes are mostly loafers and slip-ons, the bags sport thick black straps, and the accessories have hard edged architecturally inspired designs.  It’s an alternative to the rugged American look that is everywhere right now.

Luca Chiara 3
Shoes (Andrea), iPad Case (Matteo), Wallets (Damiano, Gio)

Beyond looks, these products have some cool features.  For example, the carry bags have a removable canvas insert, which is removable and washable.  All the wallets have RFID protection – a layer of stainless steal that prevents identity thieves from stealing information.  All products use vegan leather, water resistant nylon, cotton canvas, and water repellant acrylic coated ripstop.

Luca Chiara 1
Bags (Alberto, Alfonso), Shoes (Andrea), Wallets (Isabella, Georgio)

For more, visit Luca Chiara.

2 thoughts on “Luca Chiara”

  1. Some of these bags are constructed using wool. I believe the very first bag appearing on this page (top bag in top picture) is constructed with a wool insert. (Look for “herringbone wool” in model names.)

    They may be a “vegan leather” label, but they are not a “vegan shoe and bag label”.

  2. John,

    Hello I wanted to let you know sheering is necessary in caring for sheep properly. Yes, it can be painless if not done by professionals that are compassionate. FYI, we only offer wool on very few items and we work with suppliers that are kind and compassion in handling the animals. However you point is noted and in the future we will no longer be offering wool based products as it is quite expensive and difficult to find 100% certified humane mills. It is best to void this as there are many better options for us to use.

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