Wills – Earth Tones

Wills Urban White Soles Chestnut
Urban White Soles Chestnut

Today we have a selection of Wills vegan shoes in Chestnut.  Here, the texture of the microfiber works really well with this warm color to go with whatever you’re wearing.  There are other colorways available in these models, visit the site for more info.


Wills Sneaker Boots Chestnut
Sneaker Boots Chestnut
Wills Dealer Boots Chestnut
Dealer Boots Chestnut
Wills Derbys Chestnut
Derbys Chestnut
Wills Driver Chestnut
Driver Chestnut

2 thoughts on “Wills – Earth Tones”

  1. I bought some dock boots from Will’s almost a year ago, they’ve held up in snow, sleet, rain and kept my feet warm in -35 Celsius. They also look great and were very reasonably priced…just ask for extra laces, mine wore out fairly quickly. All in all, great company to buy from, very impressed.

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