Huf Classic Lo


A few weeks ago we joined our good friend Mike for an evening session with his Huf Classic Lo in Heather Grey.  We hit up some spots around his hood and took some great photos.  We want to thank Huf for hooking us up with this sample, and for more info on their vegan shoes, we did a recent roundup.  Mike also wrote a short review for those who are interested in skating these.  See below for more photos and words.


I’ve been skating in the Huf Classics since they released the canvas pack in Summer 2015, and I am in love with these shoes. They are canvas, so it is usually wise to start out with a little dab of super glue in the ollie area before skating in them, and once you do that, these things are virtually indestructible!  The rubber toe cap provides invincible protection for flip tricks without sacrificing board feel or grip.  The sole is super grippy despite having a rather flat, shallow tread pattern.  The sipped pattern is surprisingly great and holds up after months of skating.  The only room for improvement with these shoes is the removable insole (I replaced mine with an aftermarket insole), but I’ve heard that they are replacing/improving this for the Spring 2016 lineup, so that should be a great improvement to an already awesome shoe.  The grey textile sample that we received is still available, and Huf currently offers two other vegan canvas versions for Fall 2015 (Huf x Thrasher and Black/Black).  Hopefully they’ll keep pumping them out for the future.  It would be great if we could get a synthetic leather version too and forget about that super glue! hint hint…








I’ve included pics of the two pairs that I skated in all summer, so you can see how well these hold up.

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