TOMS Mens Roundup Spring 2016

Toms Grey Angular Embroidery Men's Del Rey Sneakers
Grey Angular Embroidery Men’s Del Rey Sneakers

Recently, TOMS was awarded the Compassionate Business Award by PETA.  But you say, TOMS isn’t even a vegan company?!  They sell a lot of leather shoes! That’s exactly what we were thinking.  PETA says “companies like TOMS are stepping up with vegan shoes and accessories to keep you cruelty-free from head to toe.”  We were a little skeptical so we hopped on over to TOMS site and we were pleasantly surprised by their expanded collection of animal-friendly products.  Before, they only had a few colorways of their now ubiquitous espadrille.  Now they have a few different lace up sneakers and even a flip flop.

While we are still waiting for the day this undoubtedly good intentioned company goes fully cruelty free, we are comfortable sharing their current men’s vegan selection as of spring 2016.  Womens’ styles to come in a separate post.  Note that we are not showing all available colorways.  For that, go here.

Toms Black Grey Tiki Textile Men's Huarache Alpargatas
Black Grey Tiki Textile Men’s Huarache Alpargatas
Toms Black Chambray Men's Avalon Slip-Ons
Black Chambray Men’s Avalon Slip-Ons
Toms Black Washed Canvas Men's Caminos
Black Washed Canvas Men’s Caminos
Toms Black Textured Textile Men's Valdez
Black Textured Textile Men’s Valdez
Toms Multi Blue Cultural Woven Men's Paseos
Multi Blue Cultural Woven Men’s Paseos
Toms Castlerock Grey Farren Men's Paseo-Mids
Castlerock Grey Farren Men’s Paseo-Mids
Toms Light Tan Tiki Men's Verano Flip-Flops
Light Tan Tiki Men’s Verano Flip-Flops
Toms Navy White Cultural Woven Men's Classics
Navy White Cultural Woven Men’s Classics

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  1. I love thoses shoe, do you have good price for 10 pairs of each kind to Vietnam?

    Contact me if you can supply!
    Great post and image btw!

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