People Footwear Stanley

People Footwear Stanley Black 1

Today we bring you the Stanley by People Footwear.  We came across this brand recently and wanted to give it a shout for some interesting features they’re bringing to the table.  Click below for more.

As you can see, the Stanley is your pretty typical looking low top casual sneaker.  But look a little closer and you see that People Footwear is putting a few non-traditional spins on this classic silhouette.  First, they’re using 3-D printed EVA combined with a mesh upper.  This “no sew” construction process allows for a streamlined manufacturing process while reducing waste.  The outsole is a trademarked EVA based molded foam, which is reportedly very lightweight and comfy.  There’s also a fixed foam footbed, which is a nice touch if support is important for you.

There was definitely a good amount of thought put into this shoe, and it’s packed with features.  And of course, it’s vegan!  We’d keep our eyes on this company to see what they come up with next.

For now, you can get the Stanley in four colorways at Zappos.

People Footwear Stanley Red 1

People Footwear Stanley Blue 1

People Footwear Stanley Grey 1

People Footwear Stanley Black 2

People Footwear Stanley Red 2


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